viernes, 19 de octubre de 2007

Look what I see (3)!/Mira lo que veo (3)!


Probably you’ve heard about the holy cows in India. They walk freely in the streets. I thought all the cows we see here were holy, but that was wrong. There are some cows that belong to the temple and are holy, but most of the cows belong to regular people. They milk them in the morning and they walk as they pleased the rest of the day. In the early evening they find the way home. Somehow, I don’t know why, they love traffic and crowded places. Would you imagine the cows will find some quiet, shady roads to go for their daily walks? Again wrong, they find some crowded areas and they enjoy the day. This is Airport Road, really busy at any time of the day, one of the main roads in Bangalore. The cows in this picture have a daily meeting around 10 o’clock. They tell the last news, chat, have some green snack, breath the good bus and truck smoke, hang out for a while and then they’ll go home. This happen everyday in this particular area of this road. You really have to watch them when they come to the meeting and when they leave home. Otherwise you’ll have a problem if you drive over one cow while it’s crossing the road. People will beat you! How you dare to drive over a cow!!!


Seguramente habreis oido hablar de las vacas sagradas en India. Caminan libremente por donde quieren. Yo creia que todas las vacas eran sagradas pero me equivoqué. Hay algunas vacas que pertenecen a los templos y son sagradas, pero la gran mayoría pertenecen a gente común. Las ordeñan por las mañanas y luego pueden irse a caminar libremente por donde quieran. Por las tardes ellas solitas encuentran el camino a su casa. No sé por qué, pero a estas vacas les encanta el bullicio y el trafico. Os imaginabais que las vacas buscarían un sitio tranquilo para sus paseos? No, buscan el sitio donde haya más bullicio y/o trafico y disfrutan del resto del día. Esta calle se llama Airport Road, una de las arterias principales de Bangalore y con tráfico a todas horas. Muchas vacas se reunen aquí todos los días sobre las 10. Se cuentan las últimas noticias, charlan, toman alguna cosa verde para picar, respiran el delicioso humo de los autobuses y los camiones, se relajan un rato y luego se van a casa. Todos los días en la misma area de la carretera. Tienes que tener mucho mucho cuidado sobre todo a la hora en que se reunen y a la hora en que se van no vaya a ser que atropelles a alguna vaca. La gente te dará una paliza, no te da vergüenza atropellar a una vaca???

viernes, 12 de octubre de 2007

You know you come from Spain when...

I just got this message and I laughed so much! Some of this stuff is really really true! Super-good! jaja!
Dedicated to all the people from Spain spread around the world!

You know you come from Spain when...

1) You think adding lemonade, fanta or even coke to red wine is perfectly acceptable. Especially at lunch time.
2) You can't get over how early bars & clubs shut back home - surely they're shutting just as you should be going out?
3) You aren't just surprised that the plumber/decorator has turned upon time, you're surprised he turned up at all.
4) You've been part of a botellon.
5) You think it's fine to comment on everyone's appearance.
6) Not giving every new acquaintance dos besos seems so rude.
7) You're shocked by people getting their legs out at the first hint of sun - surely they should wait until at least late June?
8) On msn you sometimes type 'jajaja' instead of 'hahaha'
9) You think the precious aceite is a vital part of every meal. And don't understand how anyone could think olive oil on toast is weird.
10) You're amazed when TV ad breaks last less than half an hour,especially right before the end of films.
11) You forget to say please when asking for things - you implied it in your tone of voice, right?
12) You love the phenomenon of giving 'toques' - but hate explaining it in English
14) You don't see sunflower seeds as a healthy snack - they're just what all the cool kids eat.
15) You know what a pijo is and how to spot one.
16) Every sentence you speak contains at least one of these words: 'bueno,' 'coño,' 'vale,' 'venga,' 'pues nada'...
17) You know what 'resaca' means. And you had one at least once a week when you lived in Spain.
18) You know how to eat boquerones.
19) A bull's head on the wall of a bar isn't a talking point for you, it's just a part of the decor.
20) You eat lunch after 2pm & would never even think of having your evening meal before 9.
21) You know that after 2pm there's no point in going shopping, you might as well just have a siesta until 5 when the shops re-open.
22) If anyone insults your mother, they better watch out...
23) You know how to change a bombona. And if you don't, you were either lazy or lucky enough to live somewhere nice.
24) You're either a Los Serrano person or an Aqui no hay quien viva person.
25) You don't accept beer that's anything less than ice-cold.
26) The fact that all the male (or female) members of a family have the same first name doesn't surprise you.
27) The sound of mopeds in the background is the soundtrack to your life.
28) You know that the mullet didn't just happen in the 80s. It is alive and well in Spain.
29) You know the difference between cojones and cajones, tener calor and estar caliente, bacalao and bakalao, pollo and polla...and maybe you learned the differences the hard way! (buenisimo!) LOL
30) On a Sunday morning, you have breakfast before going to bed, not after you get up.
31) You don't see anything wrong with having a couple of beers in the morning if you feel like it.
32) Floors in bars are an ideal dumping ground for your colillas, servilletas etc. Why use a bin?!
33) You see clapping as an art form, not just a way to express approval.
34) You know ensaladilla rusa has nothing to do with Russia.
35) When you burst out laughing every time you see a Mitsubishi Pajero. LOL
36) You have friends named Jesus, Jose Maria, Maria Jose, Angel, maybe even Inmaculada Concepcion...
37) You know that 'ahora' doesn't really mean now. Hasta ahora, ahora vuelvo...etc
38)When you make arrangements to meet friends at 3, the first person turns up at 3.15...if you're lucky!
39) There was a time when "central heating" was most definitely a foreign concept. In winter, you just huddle around the heater under the table & pull the blanket up over your knees...and sleep with about 5 blankets on your bed!
40) Most women under 30 own a pair of those attractive 'Aladdin' style trousers with the crotch around the knees (you know what I mean!)
41) Aceite de oliva is 'muy sano', of course. So you help yourself to a bit more.
42)When women think that clear bra straps are in fact invisible.
43) When it's totally normal for every kitchen to have a deep-fat fryer but no kettle.
44) When you can recite with the Vodafone lady that your 'saldo está apunto de agotarse.'
45) To avoid that cheap Eristoff vodka you have to ask for 'un esmirnoff'
46) When you know what a guiri is / have been called one
47) When you add 'super' in front of any adjective for emphasis
48) When you know what a "bidet" is and what it is used for.

jueves, 4 de octubre de 2007


Bangkok, Bangkok, Bangkooooook.... No conozco ninguna canción dedicada a la ciudad (en plan New York New York) y desde aqui hago un llamamiento a las personas con cualidades musicales para se pongan a componer ya! Necesito una canción cuanto antes sobre Bangkok y poder cantarla a todas horas! Que sitio!

Hemos estado cuatro días en Bangkok y cómo hemos disfrutado. Hay tanto que hacer y ver. No nos ha dado tiempo a todo, pero me gusta la idea de que tengo que volver para poder ver lo que no hemos podido. Cultura para los que quieran cultura, shopping shopping shopping para los que quieran ir de compritas sin que duela la cartera y bares para los que quieran bares. También aquí tendría que especificar qué clase de bares, claro, si los de sentarte y tomar algo escuchando musica y eso o los de otro tema, pero eso ahí cada uno lo que prefiera.

Cómo he disfrutado de las caminatas, venga de aquí para allá. Los mercadillos son entretenimiento asegurado y la comida… La comida es fantástica… hmmm… se me hace la boca agua solo de recordar… Y alguno ya me ha comentado que cómo va el bebé con tanto trajín de viaje y yo creo que bien, el caso es que todavía no se ha quejado ni nada, no dice ni mu. Ya verás, al final me va a salir como Miguel de la Cuadra Salcedo y a ver cómo le localizo!

Hay fotos

Bangkok, Bangkok, Bangkooooook…. I don’t know any song dedicated to Bangkok (a kind of New York New York song) but from here I would like to make a call to all the musicians out there. Please start to work now and compose a song about Bangkok! I need a song! What a place!

We’ve been four days in Bangkok and we had so much fun. There is so much to see and to do. There are cultural options for cultural people; there are shopping shopping shopping options for those who love shopping without “hurting” the purse too much and of course there are bars for those who want to sit in a bar at any time. Well, here I should clarify that you can find bars where you sit and have something to drink and have a conversation and listen to music or bars where you find something else.

I enjoyed the walking, we walked so much. I enjoyed the markets and I enjoyed the food… my mouth is already watering with the simple thought of real thai food… And some of you already asked me how the baby is doing with all this traveling and I think she is doing well, until now I haven’t got any complains. But I guess I will be very disappointed when I hear the first words, they won’t be “mommy” but “lonely planet”!

There are photos

Sonrisas y lágrimas | Desenvolvido por EMPORIUM DIGITAL